Trickle Up Economics Hazy IPA 4-Pack, 16oz. Cans

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Hazy IPA Collaboration with Georgetown Brewing, ABV - 6.5%, IBU:  Med/Low, Haze: High, Proceeds: Great, Friends: Forever. Brewed with entirely salmon safe ingredients. We partnered with Mainstem Malting and Roy Farms Hops to create this awesome hazy IPA. We used only a touch of Red Wheat to contribute to mouthfeel and proteins to bind with hop oils. Considering the craziness that every brewery is going through at the moment, we couldn't think of better friends to team up on such a large project. Proceeds from sales of this beer will be distributed toward Three Magnets employees whom have been laid off, or had their hours reduced. Support all the people that make the beer scene such an incredible community. We are all struggling but I hope this "juice bomb" helps.