Wild Caught Native Chinook Salmon Fillet - 9 oz+

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Harvested by Nisqually and other NW Tribal fishers. Skin on, vacuum packed, frozen. From our friends at She Na Nam in Tumwater. Here's a little bit about their company:

She Nah Nam Seafood delivers high-quality seafood and specialty foods that have been sourced fairly from tribal communities, produced sustainably and responsibly, and harvested from healthy and well-maintained land and wild fisheries.

Unlike other distributors, we process our seafood at our own HACCP-certified processing facility. We sell our superior, socially responsible products directly to consumers at highly competitive prices.

Our name, She Nah Nam, means Medicine Creek — a symbol of the Medicine Creek Treaty of 1854 and our mission of sustaining treaty rights and empowering Native producers.

The company grew from the success of a Nisqually Tribe pilot program established in 2012 to provide income stability for the tribal fishers. The vision of the program was to sustain tribal treaty rights while challenging the idea of a traditional market that commoditizes seafood and pays little to the producers.