Self Care Palisade Pale - 4-Pack, 16oz. Cans

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Three Magnets created the Self Care line of beers quite simply because, sometimes you want a beer. But also, don't. And whatever your reasons, that's none of our business. We want to destigmatize NA beer. And we want it to taste like beer. So we brewed these to a very low, less than .5% abv (the legal definition of NA beer), rather than having the alcohol boiled out, which greatly affects the integrity of the flavor. Don't worry, the Washington State Patrol conducted a study in 1994 - you could not get a buzz off of these beers no matter how hard you tried!

Description from the Brewer: I'm on a mission. A mission to make some of the hops from my earlier brewing career sing. Palisade hops out of Yakima were used fequently in a delightful session IPA at a brewery I worked for years ago, and I thought it would also be quite lovely in this Self Care iteration. Using local base malts that were grown and malted in Washington State, we worked in some Munich and Oats, which made for a great combination in many of the pales ales that I've been inspired by. The supporting hops in this beer are Amarillo and Galena. We did a smaller volume of hops in the whirlpool in addition to a small pellet dry hop addition to balance the bitterness of the kettle hops. We're really digging the apricot, lemon, and floral notes they put off. -Aaron