Self Care Non-Alc Italian Pilsner - 4-Pack, 16oz. Cans

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Three Magnets created the Self Care line of beers quite simply because, sometimes you want a beer. But also, don't. And whatever your reasons, that's none of our damn business. We want to destigmatize NA beer. And we want it to taste like beer. So we brewed these to a very low, less than .5% abv (the legal definition of NA beer), rather than having the alcohol boiled out, which greatly affects the integrity of the flavor. Don't worry, the Washington State Patrol conducted a study in 1994 - you could not get a buzz off of these beers no matter how hard you tried!

Description: Head brewer Aaron Blonden has a background in lager wort production and over a decade of experience innovating within this style, including winning both a Great American Beer Festival award and a World Beer Cup award for his pilsner. And now he's super excited to bring his knowledge and experience to the world of NA lager, starting with this very rare style in the non-alcoholic beer category.

Traditionally Italian pilsners are European malted lagers that are then dry-hopped to infuse floral or possibly spicy notes to the beverage. This lager was hopped in the kettle with a Slovenian hops, and the grain bill consisted of authentic Italian pilsner malt grown by the Adriatic Sea. It was then dry hopped multiple times throughout fermentation with Self Care's highest hopping rate to date, with a new experimental German variety called Relax. Relax has been used primarily in the tea industry on a small scale, and recently became available to Aaron to try. He chose this hop because it would infuse hop flavor and delicate aromatics, yet it contains none of the oil that traditionally would cause bitterness when boiled. This imparted beautiful grassy white and green tea notes to the beer that should ring true as hop-driven, yet drink very dry.