Beer Braised Currywurst - Oct 22

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Yeah, yeah. We know. Octoberfest is traditionally in September. But, we don't always plan ahead so well here at Three Magnets (apparently it's quite challenging to run a restaurant during a pandemic???). But, luckily, we're freaking awesome at shooting from the hip (it's all in the's all in the hips). So we're giving you an Octoberfest classic a little late - currywurst. And our amazing cook Xander is the Abe Froman of Olympia, and he'll be whipping out these fresh beer-braised brauts. And even better - our recommended beer pairing 4pack contains not one, and not two, but THREE authentic German style beer styles, including two cans of our Fresh Hopped hefeweizen! So you can have your own, personal, family Octoberfest. You don't want to sleep on this mealkit. It'll be the Katzenarsch.

Appetizer: Fresh baked pretzel sticks with berry moustarda

Main: Handmade German pork sausage seasoned with yellow curry, beer braised in Three Magnets German style Dunkel Weisse and served with Curry Catsup

Side #1: Buttered new potatoes

Side #2: Sweet and sour red cabbage

Optional Weekly Dessert: Magic potato chip bars

Difficulty: 3 out of 10

note: all mealkits contain everything you will need to prepare them except for salt, pepper, and cooking oil. with limited supply chains due to COVID-19, some ingredients are subject to change. meal photos are approximations, and may not reflect the actual finished product.