CLEARANCE: Mixed Case - 24 - 16oz. Cans

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Covid kinda made things kinda weird (no shit, Captain Obvious!). With on-site consumption dissapearing practically overnight, we ended up needing to put all of our beers in cans rather than kegs. Which leaves us with some special deals for y'all!

This mixed case contains six different 4-packs, and may contain:

  • Social Opportunities Light Lager
  • Nano Juice Tiny IPA
  • Got Too High Smoked Ale
  • Brotherhood Brown
  • Remora Hazy Golden Ale
  • One of Everything - Malty Everything Bagel Beer
  • Close Talkers Conundrum Red Ale

Originally priced between $11.99 and $15.99 per 4-pack, you can now grab a case of 24 cans for just $24. That's approximately $60 in savings! And at between three and six months young, they are just as fresh as most supermarket beers you're used to. So grab this deal before they're all gone!