Copperworks Three Magnets Cask Finished Gin - 750ml

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Description from the Distillery:

Part of our Experimental Cask Finished Gin Series, this limited-edition release was finished in a cask that previously held Three Magnets Tompkins Imperial Stout.

Copperworks Imperial Stout Cask Finished Gin is a collaborative effort with Three Magnets Brewing Co. in Olympia, WA. The release was finished in barrels that previously held Three Magnets Tompkins Imperial Stout.

Three Magnets aged its Tompkins Imperial Stout in a handful of 53-gallon American Oak barrels that we had used to mature Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey. They released that beer as Three Magnets "Copperworks Tompkins Imperial Stout" beer in August 2019.

They sent barrels back to us and we filled two of them with Copperworks Gin and let it rest for just over a year. This fun collaboration gives even more meaning to our slogan, "From Great Brewing Comes Great Spirits"!

Limited release of 511 bottles.  

50% ABV