Fuzzy Hat British Brew - 4-Pack, 16oz. Cans

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Name: Self Care - Fuzzy Hat

Style: British Style Brew

ABV: less than 0.16% ABV

Description from the Brewer: A wonderfully malty blend. Lightly hopped with Pallisade, we learned folks were chuffed with the pale hop profile. English Malt can get a somewhat coying and flat sweetness. We really didn't want that. I am keen on Golden Naked Oats, as they offer a lovely crisp biscuit flavor. And they are absolutely singing in this beer. Think of a Orange Marmalade jammyness that would go bang on with an English breakfast. Sans alcohol with unlimited sessionability. Our wonderful brewpub is steeped in Futbol tradition, and now we've got the ultimate NA beer for a game.