Got too High Smoked Ale 4-Pack, 16oz. Cans

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Pale Ale Brewed With Smoked Malt, ABV - 5.2%, IBU Ð Med, Haze Ð Low, Smoke Ð Medium. Oh man, such a shameless 4/20 reference canned on 4/21. What a mess, the world as some would say is burning. It might even smell like this wicked Alderwood smoked malt. Malt sourced from the environmental conscious Mainstem Malting. We wanted to pass the pipe on expectations of smoked beer by dry hopping it. Hopped with a hefty amount of Simcoe and Ahtanum hops. It's daring and different, so at least buy a couple of cases and talk about the time you drank with some campfire companions. It might be hotdog water, smoked salmon or ham - but you just don't get it.