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Name: It Takes All Types

Style: IPA with Blood Orange

Brewery: Three Magnets + Lucky Envelope Brewing (Collaboration)

ABV: 6.4% ABV 

Description from The Brewery:

We are incredibly honored to have partnered with the region’s largest blood supply provider, Bloodworks Northwest, and their “SAVOR LIFE. SAVE A LIFE.” campaign and culinary coalition of chefs and restaurants, to create this awesome red IPA, brewed with the region’s finest ingredients and blood red oranges. 

They say it takes a village, so we asked our friends in the industry to jump onboard this worthy cause. Skagit Valley Malting near Bellingham donated grain, the lifeblood of beer. Imperial Yeast from Oregon donated yeast, the heart of fermenting ales.  Cascadia Canning from Seattle contributed the sweat, canning and kegging the beer. And of course, we wouldn’t have been able to craft such a beautiful beer without teaming up with Lucky Envelope Brewing, absolute masters of brewing with adjunct fruit. This beer gives you a rich unique color and is a deep-flavored IPA to stand up to the blood orange we added. 

Bottom line:  This beer rules.  It tastes great, and everyone gave something to make this happen, and it’s a reminder that we all need to give something back. So back to what YOU can do:  Schedule your blood donation today at Bloodworks Northwest locations—all the way from Bellingham to Eugene—and all points in between.  Visit the "SAVOR LIFE. SAVE A LIFE" campaign site at for more information and to book an appointment!