Meatless Monday - Nov 2 - Jackfruit and Hibiscus Tacos Doridos

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Main: Jackfruit & hibiscus tacos doridos, crispy fried corn tortillas with guajillo chile spiced jackfruit and hibiscus flowers, topped with cilantro lime slaw, pico & avocado

Side #1:  Refried black beans

Side #2: Poblano cilantro green rice

Optional Dessert of the Week:  Basil Lime Creme Brulee

Assemblage difficulty: 3 out of 10

Serves: 4

Gluten free

note: all mealkits contain everything you will need to prepare them except for salt, pepper, and cooking oil. with limited supply chains due to COVID-19, some ingredients are subject to change. meal photos are approximations, and may not reflect the actual finished product.