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CANNED ON MAY 18, 2021

Name: Pomp & Frills 

Style: Triple Dry-Hopped Pale Ale

ABV: 5.0%

Description: We first dry hopped this pale ale on brew day with a Sabro addition right after going through the heat exchange. It was then additionally dry-hopped multiple times with Sabro and Falconer’s Flight until it hit 6 lbs per barrel, which is absolutely obscene for such a low abv beer, and three times the rate most would consider normal. The end result is an affordable, yet aggressively hopped flavor profile that is so much more drinkable and expressive than most 7% IPAs hopped at the same rates. Plus, we’re upcycling all that leftover hop particulate into our new Upcycle series of environmentally conscious beers, which allows us to spend bank on these hops, yet still offer the beer to you at a reasonable price.