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These Christmas Gift Packs are the perfect gift for the beer lover in your family, or to serve alongside your Christmas Feast - YOUR CHOICE! Plus when you bundle this with your Christmas Feast Family Mealkits and the add-on extra dessert, Eggnog Creme Brulee, you'll get a FREE $25 Giftcard for 3Mag Pubhouse!

Note: to get your gift, add all three items to your cart, and you will automatically get your gift!

DESCRIPTION: A variety pack of four delicious three magnets beers. Choose from one of four options:

OPTION #1: WINTER GIFT PACK - One can each of

  • 3Mag Rain IPA
  • Schwarz Weisse Black Weissbier
  • Krystal Weisse Light Weissbier
  • Ornis Saison - Saison Dupont Tribute

OPTION #2: HOPPY GIFT PACK - One can each of

  • 3Mag Rain IPA
  • Frisch Weisse Fresh Hop Hefeweizen
  • Loose Connection Aggressively Hopped IPA
  • Looking for a Ladder NE Style Pale Ale

OPTION #3: LAGER GIFT PACK - One can each of

  • Scherler Easy Premium Shitty American Lager
  • Little Larch Bohemian Pilsner
  • The Crossing Export Lager
  • Scherler Gold Dry Hopped Malty Pilsner

OPTION #4: NON-ALC GIFT PACK - One can each of

  • Freak Flag IPA
  • Cool Beans Coffee Stout
  • Chalice of Wisdom Pilsner
  • Fuzzy Hat British Brew