Self Care "A Fresh Start" Fresh Hop West Coast IPA - 4-Pack, 16oz. Cans

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Name: Self Care - A Fresh Start

Style: Non-Alcoholic Wet Hop West Coast IPA

ABV: less than 0.07% ABV

Description from the Brewer: This beer features an absolutely phenomenal floral nose that leads you into an orange jammy marmeladey oasis. I'm beginning to trick myself here - how in the heck are we doing this? This beer was inspired by one of the most prolific hop brewers in the United States - Georgetown Brewing. I went gunning for their favorite farm, and one of the biggest sleeper hops in Yakima Washington. We ended up with over 200lbs of fresh, whole cone Chinook from Roy Farms that we absolutely slammed into this batch - even more so than the other two fresh hop NA offerings in order to bring home a little more bitterness.