Self Care IPA (Batch #9) - 4-Pack, 16oz. Cans

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Three Magnets created the Self Care line of beers quite simply because, sometimes you want a beer. But also, don't. And whatever your reasons, that's none of our business. We want to destigmatize NA beer. And we want it to taste like beer. So we brewed these to a very low, less than .5% abv (the legal definition of NA beer), rather than having the alcohol boiled out, which greatly affects the integrity of the flavor. Don't worry, the Washington State Patrol conducted a study in 1994 - you could not get a buzz off of these beers no matter how hard you tried!

Description from the Brewer: Brewed with Pacific Northwest malts from Skagit Valley and Mainstem, hotside hopped gently with Idaho 7, and then dry-hopped with both Idaho 7 and Simcoe grown in Yakima. Welcome to the first day of taking care of yourself. Less guilt of calories and effects of Alcohol. Hopefully, this new option is an enjoyable beverage for listening to what the body craves. Every IPA along the way is paving out techniques or profiles we want to explore further. Pulling back on the pellet dry hop charge allowed the green bite to dissipate and let this incredible steam distilled hop oil sing! Tasting notes of peach, a little dank bite, and a lingering hop resin that should be what you signed up for! - Aaron