Social Opportunities Lager - 4-Pack, 16oz. Cans

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American Light Lager Ð 4.5%, Kolsch style brewed with malt from Cologne. This is the second release in our Social Opportunity line of light lagers. This time we brewed with Cologne specific malt. The place in Germany, not the men's aftershave. Cologne is the birthplace of Kolsch. This beer was hopped it with Spalter, cold fermented with a Kolsch yeast, and then one week into fermentation, co-fermented with a dry lager yeast, making it crisp and malty as a Kolsch should be. The bitterness was throttled back to 18 calculated IBU's. Enjoy this beer, itÕs a beer industry favorite. Bready notes, zippy dryness and lively acidity make it spin on its head and fall somewhere between an Kolsch and an American Light Lager.