Melon Lager and the Ultimate Quenchness

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Name: Melon Lager and the Infinite Quenchness

Style: Lager brewed with melon

ABV: 5.7%

Description: Inspired by our cellar and emo music genre aficionado. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, don’t know...if you like melons or not….

But we, do. Felix just really wanted a melony good time this summer and gravitates to lagers. He was, however, born well after 1979. We had to show him how cool kids, use to have the time. Brewed with just Pilsner Malt, Flaked corn and a bundle of Melons in orange and green hues. Paired with Crosby hops of Oregon’s Comet hop. To give it that sort of Planetary vibe.