Garden Movement is Temporarily Open Again...

Due to popular demand, we're opening up for ONE DAY ONLY, for our Thanksgiving Feast Family Mealkit. More details below.

Please note: we are ONLY accepting orders for the Thanksgiving Feast pickup/delivery day! If you'd like to purchase beer for any other day, please visit

Thanksgiving Feast!

Very Limited Quantities - ORDER NOW!

Back by popular demand is our Thanksgiving Feast Family Mealkit. Order your feast today, alongside the additional second dessert, and get a free Variety Pack of Three Magners Beer or Self Care Non-Alcoholic Beer!


Thanksgiving Feast Family Mealkit

and add-on second dessert and beverages


We have dropped the price of our Interfaith Works Meals to just $5! You can add as many Interfaith Works Bagged Meals as you'd like to your order, and help feed the most vulnerable within our community during one of the hardest seasons for them. We put meals together every Thursday, and then partner with our friends at Interfaith Works to coordinate delivery to those in need that evening.

Give Back Now!