Freak Flag IPA - 4-Pack, 16oz. Cans

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Name: Self Care - Freak Flag

Style: Non-Alc India Pale Ale

ABV: less than 0.17% ABV

Description: Self Care enthusiasts have spoken. The consensus is, “KEEP MAKING THAT HAZE, BRAUGH”. So, um, “OKAY”. We will. In fact, we may as well even make it a “flagship” (see what we did there?). But we’re still going to play with the hop bill with each new batch. Because we like to mix things up. This batch is brewed with Falconer’s Flight, Lotus and Pekko. But the grain bill will remain relatively static from batch to batch - which includes honey malt to emphasize the hop character, and also give it that beautiful orange hue. Oh, and as always, in our commitment to using quality ingredients, this batch is brewed with local micro malts from Skagit Valley.