About Garden Movement

In 1898, Sir Ebenezer Howard wrote the book Garden Cities of To-Morrow, in which he took aspects of town living and country living to create the concept of a utopian city that lives harmoniously with nature (town-country). Garden Movement celebrates his way of thinking, which is exemplified in the Pacific Northwest with our close connections to nature, commitment to sustainable living, abundance of quality meats and fresh seafood, and embracement of community supported agriculture.

Olympia Family Owned

Garden Movement is an overnight start-up created by the owners of Three Magnets during the COVID-19 crisis. A fifth generation Olympia family owned community hub in the heart of Downtown opened by Sara and Nate Reilly in 2014. Three Magnets features a 15bbl brewhouse, a pub that serves lunch and dinner available for no contact curbside pick up. And now, with the Garden Movement, they provide delivery to your door of family meals, common provisions and goods from other local businesses.