Scherler Easy - 4-Pack, 16oz. Cans

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Name: Scherler Easy

Style: Premium Shitty™ American Lager

ABV: 4.4%

Description: Forget your Oly tallboys. Your Rainier. Your PBR. Your Montucky. Do you want to drink a shitty American lager? Or do you want to drink a PREMIUM Shitty American Lager™️? Because Brewer Aaron managed to brew a shitty American lager with premium Pacific Northwest craft malt. This easy drinking lager has got all the parts that you LOVE about your favorite shitty American lager, but we left out the parts that you don’t. And even more impressive, we’re selling this in Oly at rock bottom prices. Because we love ya. And because we want you to drink what you deserve. And you deserve better that a non-premium, non-locally sourced shitty American Lager.