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Name: Scherler Gold

Style: Fancy Pants Dry Hopped Pilsner

ABV: 5.8%

Description: This timeless beer from our early years was revisited using our new house pilsner craft malt from Mainstem out of Walla Walla. And since our original brewer Pat was around that week to brew our anniversary beer with us, he joined Aaron for this brew day too. They kept it simple with only one additional specialty malt from Weyermann out of Germany. They also didn’t hold back on bittering, adding multiple additions during the boil using European hops. It also rocks a post-fermentation dry hop with Callista, a cool, newer hop. Malty, hoppy and bitter, and featuring the terroir of the Pacific Northwest, this batch melds Pat’s O.G. recipe and Aaron’s pilsner prowess.