Char Sui Pinch Buns Assembly Instructions

Char Sui Pinch Buns Assembly Instructions

sara reillyJanuary 22, 2021

Wholesome Humpday, October 14, 2020


Back by popular demand, house-made bao buns served with char sui style BBQ pork and select toppings. Comes with a side of coconut long grain rice & garlic-citrus broccoli.


  • 1 bag of 2 char sui BBQ pork tenderloins 
  • 1 bag bao buns
  • 1 container hoisin sauce
  • 4 ounces mustard seed
  • 1 bag peanuts
  • 1 bag cilantro
  • 1 bag cucumber 
  • 1 pan rice
  • 1 pan broccoli


  • Preheat oven to 375. Shake excess marinate from tenderloins and place on an oiled pan. Roast in the oven for 30-40 minutes or until 145 degrees. If you prefer more caramelization you can broil for a couple minutes after roasting. Let rest 5 minutes then slice into 1/4 inch slices or however you prefer. Alternatively tenderloins can be cooked on the stovetop in a fry pan over medium heat, first slice to desired thickness then after searing both ides turn to low and cover, continue cooking until 165 degrees.
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of water to rice and recover, place covered pans of rice and brocolli in to oven for 20-25 minutes until 165 degrees. Alternatively rice can be microwaved fluffing with a fork every 60 seconds and brocolli can be sauteed in a medium high fry pan until desired degree of doneness.
  • Wrap bao in a towel and microwave until just warm. Alternatively bao can be wrapped in foil and warmed in the iven for the last 5 minutes or so of cooking time.


  • DIvide buns, 3 per person onto dinner plates. Fill buns with pork, cucumber and cilantro and garnish with peanuts, hoisin sauce and mustard seed.
  • Divide rice and brocolli onto dinner plates alongside the pinch buns.

Notes from Sara:

This is my personal favorite mealkit. What really make this meal shine is the super fresh bao made by Chef Katie, each one is made by hand and freshly steamed with love. If you've never had them fresh it could be a life changing experience. I can't get enough of the flavor combination of sweet, sour and umami all crammed into a little fluffy cloud. Enjoy!