Chicken Fried Steak Assembly Instructions

Chicken Fried Steak Assembly Instructions

Sara ReillyApril 28, 2021

Wholesome Humpday, April 28, 2021


Crisp breaded cube steak cutlets served with mashed potatoes with country cream gravy, butter dill peas and carrots and dinner rolls. 

Assemblage Difficulty 3 out of 10


  • one bag chicken fried steak
  • one pan potatoes 
  • one pan veggies
  • one container dill butter
  • one bag rolls 


  • Preheat oven to 375, add as much butter to pan of veggies as desired and recover, then place steaks on a rack on top of a sheet pan if you have one or you can place directly on the sheet pan if not, leave potatoes recovered and bake everything for 20-30 minutes or until steaks are crisp and all components are 165 degrees. 
  • Rolls can be heated in the microwave, covered with towel for a minute or so until just warm, or they can bewrapped in foil and heated in the oven for the last 5-8 minutes of cooking time..


  • All components can be divided on to a dinner plate.