Chicken Saltimboca Assembly Instructions

Chicken Saltimboca Assembly Instructions

sara reillyAugust 01, 2020

Wholesome Humpday -August 5, 2020


Appetizer: Roasted olives.
Main: Chicken breasts wrapped with sage leaves and proscuitto, with a lemon butter pan jus.
Side #1: Califlower orzo salad.
Side #2: Fresh baked ciabatta rolls.
Optional Dessert of the Week: Nanaimo Bars


  • 8 oz olives
  • One pan chicken 
  • 8 oz pan jus
  • One container orzo salad
  • 2 pats of butter
  • Four rolls


  • Preheat oven to 400, place uncovered pan of olives in the oven. Roast 20 minutes. Alternatively olives can be sauteed over medium high heat on the stovetop, or eaten cold.
  • Put covered pan of chicken in oven, uncover after 15 minutes, continue cooking until internal temperature of 165 degrees. 
  • For the sauce, turn stovetop to medium heat, in a sauce pan add butter, once foamy add any chicken pan drippings and included pan jus and cook until reduced by 25%.
  • Return the chicken to the pan. Spoon the sauce over the chicken. 
  • Heat rolls covered in foil in oven for 5 minutes or wrapped in a towel in the microwave for a minute or until just warm.

  • Olives can be served as an appetizer or alongside the meal.
  • Divide chicken, orzo salad and rolls amongst four dinner plates.