Keftedes Assembly Instructions

Keftedes Assembly Instructions

Sara ReillySeptember 03, 2021

Friday Funday, September 3, 2021


Keftedes, Greek meatballs served with a lemon garlic sauce. Served with sides of roasted & marinated summer veggies, Spanakorizo spinach rice, garlic hummus and pita bread. 


  • 1 pan meatballs and rice
  • 1 bag veggies
  • 1 container sauce
  • 1 container hummus
  • 1 bag pita bread


  • Preheat oven to 375. Once up to temperature, sprinkle a tablespoon or two of water onto rice, then put covered pan into oven. Bake for 25 minutes, check temperature and continue cooking until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees
  • Veggies canbe heated in the oven uncovered for 15-20 minutes or they can be sauteed in a fry pan over medium heat.
  • Heat sauce on the stovetop until 165 degrees
  • Wrap pita in a towel and microwave until just warm or cover in foil and heat for the last 5 minute of cooking time in the oven.


  • Serve hummus family style as an appetizer or alongside the meal.
  • Split meatballs and rice onto four plates and cover with as much sauce as desired.
  • Place veggies and pita on dinner plate next to main.