Whole Split Chicken Assembly Instructions

Whole Split Chicken Assembly Instructions

sara reillyNovember 04, 2020

Wholesome Humpday, November 4, 2020


Whole split chicken cooked with a garlic & basil infused butter. Comes with a leafy harvest salad, balsamic Brussels sprouts & honey-herb biscuits.


  • 1 pan chicken
  • 1 pan Brussels sprouts
  • 1 bag of biscuits
  • 1 container salad
  • 4 oz. dressing


  • Preheat oven to 425. Add unovered pan of chicken to oven. After 25 minutes add the uncovered pan of Brussels sprouts. continue cooking both pans for an additional 20-30 minutes until at least 165 degrees for chicken and 140 for sprouts. If you prefer crispier sprouts then lay them flat side down on an oiled sheet pan in a single layer. Alternatively, sprouts can be cooked in an oiled fry pan over medium heat until well browned and fork tender. 
  • Let chicken rest for 5 minutes before cutting up. Here's a quick guide on how to carve a butterflied chicken:  https://www.cooksillustrated.com/how_tos/10573-how-to-carve-a-butterflied-chicken
  • Warm biscuits, either covered in foil in the oven for the last 5-10 minutes of cooking time, or wrapped in a paper or cloth towel in the microwave for 1-2 minutes until just warm.
  • Toss salad with dressing.


  • Divide chicken, brussels sprouts and biscuits onto dinner plates.
  • Serve salad on the side in a bowl or on a plate.

Notes from Sara:

We cook alot of whole chickens in our house. We reserve the bones and cook them overnight for a rich stock which we use for soups, stews and gravies. There are many ways to do this, heres a simple way; if you have a crockpot you can cook the bones down in water on high overnight with some aromatics like bay leaves, peppercorns and trimmings from onion and garlic, and although it is highly debated in the culinary world, I personally add a small pinch of salt.