Fauxjitas Assembly Instructions

Fauxjitas Assembly Instructions

Sara ReillyApril 04, 2022

Meatless Monday, April 4, 2022


Yuba strips in a garlic, lime, chile fajita marinade with caramelized colorful bell pepper and red onion in soft flour tortillas wth shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado and lime. Served with poblano cilantro green rice and black beans stewed with sofrito.


  • 1 pan beans
  • 1 pan rice
  • 1 bag yuba
  • 1 bag veggies
  • 1 bag lettuce
  • 1 bag tortillas
  • avocado(s)
  • 1 container pico de gallo
  • 1 lime


  • Pre heat oven to 400. Add 1-2 tablespoons of water to the pan of rice and recover. Place covered rice and covered beans in oven. After 10 minutes stir beans and recover. Continue cooking 10-20 minute or until both are 165 degrees. Alternatively these items can be transferred to compatible covered  containers and microwaved stiring every 60 seconds until up to temperatue.
  • The fajitas can be prepared two ways:

Method 1: Heat your pan over medium to medium high heat until a drop of water beads up and sizzles. Add enough oil to lightly coat the bottom of the pan, usually 1-2 tablespoons. Once oil is hot enough to shimmer (not smoking) and add yuba and veggies to pan. Stir occasionally to achieve good color. Saute until desired degree of doneness. Salt to taste.

Method 2: In the preheated 400 oven, place yuba and veggies on a lightly oiled sheet pan into oven and roast for around 20 minutes until heated through or to desired doneness. At this point if more caramelization is desried you can move the oan to ~4" below broiler and broil on high for a couple minutes until desired degree of caramelization is reached. Watch closely not to burn. Salt to taste.

  • Tortillas can be warmed in the oven, wrapped in foil for the last 5-10 minutes of cooking time or they could also be removed from the foil, wrapped in a towel and heated in the microwave for a minute or two until warm and pliable. Or, if you have are more adventurous and have a gas range, you can try our method of turning the burner on medium low and laying the tortilla on the flame and flipping and tossing over the flame until warm and pliable with a touch of crispness.
  • Cut lime into wedges.
  • Dice or slice avocado.


  • Build your fajitas on dinner plates by placing yuba and veggies in the tortillas and topping with lettuce, avocado and pico de gallo as desired, then garnish with a lime slice. This can be done and served ready to go or served family style by making them up as you go at the dinner table.
  • Serve rice and beans on dinner plate next to the fajitas.