Pasta alle Noci Assembly Instructions

Pasta alle Noci Assembly Instructions

Sara ReillyJune 20, 2022

Meatless Monday, June 20,2022


Ligurian inspired penne with walnuts, radicchio and red onion tossed in a garlic white wine sauce topped with shaved parmesan*. Served with a fresh field green salad with tomato, zucchini and brocolli in a champagne vinaigrette And olive oil grilled ciabatta

*vegetarian, vegan if omitting parmesan


  • 1 bag pasta
  • 1 container sauce
  • 1 bag veggies
  • 1 bag walnuts
  • 1 bag parmesan
  • 1 container salad
  • 1 container dressing
  • 1 bag bread


  • Heat a large sauté pan or low walled Dutch oven over medium heat, add a little oil to the pan and sauté veggies until lightly caramelized. Add pasta and sauce and stir often until heated through. Toss walnuts in just before serving and top with Parmesan cheese as desired.
  • Toss salad with as much dressing as desired.
  • Bread can be grilled oil side down on a dry fry pan or broiled for a minute or two until toasted.